2023 MCDS Doctoral Academy Application

Remuneration and Time commitment

The 2023 MCDS Doctoral Academy will commence in August with a intensive program running across two weeks of that month. Following on, events will be held approximately at least once per month across the remainder of a year concluding in mid-2024.

Doctoral Academy Fellows are strongly encouraged to be present and active for every session, and a participation of at least 80% of the program is expected. Please consider this commitment before applying.

Doctoral Academy Fellows will receive a $5,000 top-up scholarship for their participation in the program. Payments are split with one at the beginning and one at the end. Successful Fellows will also be given the opportunity to choose to participate in the 2024 Academy as mentors to the next cohort of Fellows.

Selection Criteria and Application

Applicants must be enrolled in a PhD program at The University of Melbourne and will have completed their doctoral confirmation process prior to the start of the Academy in August. Ideally you will be in your 2nd year with at least 18 months remaining in your candidacy.

Places in the MCDS Doctoral Academy are limited.

To apply, please  follow the below "Apply Now" button to complete an application form.

The information requested in the form includes:
- Name, enrolment, student ID and contact information
- Thesis topic
- Confirmation and expected completion dates
- Principal supervisor’s name and contact information
- Co-supervisor’s name and contact information (if applicable)
- Statement of support from your Principal supervisor (attachment provision in form)
- Why would you like to become a member of the MCDS Doctoral Academy (100 words)?
- What will you bring to the Academy (100 words)?
- How does your work incorporate data science (100 words)?
- What are your expectations of the Academy (50 words)?
- What do you find is the biggest challenge to interdisciplinary research (75 words)?
- Any further information about yourself and your research interests not covered elsewhere (75 words)

Applications are now closed for 2023.

For more information, email mcds@unimelb.edu.au