Roben Delos Reyes

Roben Delos Reyes
Roben Delos Reyes, 2023 Doctoral Academy Fellow

Modelling the impact of mass casualty incidents on the provision and utilisation of emergency department services

A/Prof Nic Geard, Dr Daniel Capurro

School / Faculty:
School of Computing and Information Systems
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

PhD Details

My PhD project aims to develop methodologies for building emergency department (ED) models for disaster preparedness and response. Many existing ED models are designed for normal scenarios but not for disasters like earthquakes or infectious disease outbreaks where ED behaviour could differ significantly. To address this gap, I leverage techniques from data science, process mining, agent-based modelling, and machine learning to understand and predict ED behaviour better during disasters.

Q & A

Why did you decide to do a PhD?
I wanted to be a researcher, and doing a PhD will train me to be one.

What do you enjoy reading?
I enjoy reading manga.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not working on your PhD?
I play tennis and volleyball, watch theatre, try new restaurants, or hang out with friends.

Name one fun fact about you.
I love travelling! I have already been to 15 countries!

Work and Publications