Isobel Abell

Isobel Abell
Isobel Abell, PhD Student

Model complexity through the lens of decision-making and communication

Dr Chris Baker
Dr TK Le
Prof Jennifer Flegg

School / Faculty:
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Faculty of Science

PhD Details

Modelling infectious diseases involves many complexities. For example, we often see mathematical complexities such as non-linear dynamics, parameter identifiability, high-dimensional parameter spaces, parameter and model uncertainty etc. However, when designing models for decision making there are many other questions to consider. What mathematical complexities are needed to answer the questions posed by decision-makers? How much time do we have available between model design and presentation of results? Can we communicate our model design and outputs effectively to decision-makers, often non-mathematicians?

I am interested in how we balance these complexities when modelling infectious diseases for decision-making. How do we design models that are both mathematically suited to our questions and able to communicated to, and understood by, decision-makers?

Q & A

Why did you decide to do a PhD?
I was having too much fun at uni to leave!

What do you enjoy reading?
I've been enjoying historical fiction and horror at the moment, but I'm open to reading anything

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working on your PhD?
Knitting and playing video games

Name one fun fact about you.
I made the shirt I'm wearing in this photo!