Discrete Mathematics

Research in the field of discrete mathematics from the Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne.


Nicholas Beaton     Statistical mechanics, particularly lattice models of walks, polygons, animals and trees, and their applications to modelling interacting polymer systems.

Jan de Gier     Combinatorics, mathematical physics, integrable models, stochastic processes.

Aleks Owczarek     Exact solutions of lattice models, statistical mechanics, enumerative combinatorics, mathematical physics, integrable systems, lattice polymer models.

Arun Ram     Combinatorial representation theory.

Michael Wheeler     Algebraic combinatorics, exactly solvable lattice models, stochastic processes, integrable probability, symmetric function theory, combinatorics.

Binzhou Xia     Group theory, combinatorics, algebraic graph theory.

Sanming Zhou     Algebraic graph theory, graph structure and dynamics, random graph processes, network optimisation, algebraic combinatorics, operations research, theoretical computer science.

Research centres

Mathematical Research Institute MATRIX
MATRIX is an international research institute that runs research programs where world lead researchers in the mathematical sciences, as well as experts from business and industry, can come together.

Research in this area is conducted in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.