Inorganic Chemistry

Research in the field of inorganic chemistry from the Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne.


Brendan Abrahams     Design, synthesis, structure and properties of redox-active and microporous coordination polymers, hydrogen-bonded networks and molecular cages.

Stephen Best     Electrochemistry, spectroelectrochemistry.

Colette Boskovic     Synthesis and study of molecular magnets and switchable metal complexes.

Paul Donnelly     Synthetic inorganic chemistry; bioinorganic chemistry, metal-based drugs and the study of metal ions in biological systems; diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

Carol Hua     Chiral coordination networks and spectroscopy.

Guy Jameson     Iron-containing metalloenzymes, kinetics and spectroscopy, Mössbauer spectroscopy.

Megan Maher     Metals in biology; structural biology; protein chemistry; bioinorganic chemistry; biophysical techniques.

Richard O'Hair     Using mass spectrometry to study gas phase reactions in organic biomolecules and inorganic and organometallic ions.

Alessandro Soncini     Theoretical chemistry for molecular modelling.

Lei Zhang     Synthesis and structure of coordination complexes including clusters, cages and polymers, with a focus on sustainable energy applications.

Research centres

ARC CoE for Exciton Science
Researching better ways to manipulate the way light energy is absorbed, transported and transformed in advanced molecular materials.

Research in this area is conducted in the School of Chemistry.