Research in the field of microbiology from the Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne.


Alex Andrianopoulos     Genetics of fungal pathogenicity, cellular morphogenesis and development.

Jillian Banfield     Structure, functioning and diversity of microbial communities in natural environments and the human microbiome.

Linda Blackall     Complex microbial communities ranging from host-associated through to free-living in numerous environments.

Alex Idnurm     Research on human pathogenic and model fungi, and plant diseases.

Sabine Kasel     Research investigating the effects of management and climate change on ecosystem processes in native forests and restored landscapes.

Kim-Anh Le-Cao     Biological data integration, multivariate projection-based methods, computational statistical learning, R software development.

Geoff McFadden     The origins of mitochondria and plastids, parasitology, endosymbiosis and molecular evolution.

Madeleine van Oppen     Microbial symbiosis in coral and a coral model, the anemone Exaiptasia pallida. Assisted evolution of corals aimed at developing coral stock with enhanced climate resilience.

Research in this area is conducted in the School of BioSciences, School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences and School of Mathematics and Statistics.