Bachelor of Science Orientation

Science: Day 1 and Orientation Week activities give you the opportunity to meet your cohort, explore the services available to you and learn about everything you need to get started in your subjects.

Bachelor of Science Orientation 2022

Bachelor of Science orientation 2022 ran from Monday 21 February to Monday 28 February. If you couldn't make it, or want a refresh, recordings of all our sessions are below.

Bachelor of Science Welcome

Director of the BSc, Deborah King welcomes you to the faculty and outlines some key opportunities and course information that will prepare you for your first class.

Bachelor of Science Academic Skills session

Watch this session to hear some great study methods and communication skills from our Academic Skills team.

Getting Started sessions

These sessions were run by first-year subject coordinators, and outline all the information you need to be prepared for your first class.

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Mathematics and Statistics

  • Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Engineering

  • BioSciences

Course planning resources

Learn all about your Bachelor of Science, explore different subject areas that may interest you and understand all the other great programs that make up your undergraduate experience!

Get started in your BSc

Frequently asked questions

We received many questions during previous Orientation Weeks, and have collected some answers and related resources below.

  • How long is Summer semester?

    Summer term will run for 8 weeks, from Tuesday 4 January to Sunday 27 February. You can find all important University dates here:

  • How do double majors in the Bachelor of Science work?

    In the Bachelor of Science, one major will be listed on your transcript. However, in some instances, you can complete the subjects for two majors – for example, you may complete the subjects for a major in both chemistry and pharmacology.
    For individual advice, speak to Stop 1.

  • Where can I find out more about Breadth subjects?

    For more information about Breadth in the Bachelor of Science, visit Breath subjects in the Bachelor of Science. For individual advice, speak to Stop 1.

  • How do I enrol in a subject?

    You can find information about enrolling in subjects at Enrolling in subjects in the Current students website.

  • Can I study overseas?

    Information about Exchanges changes depending on the restrictions both in Australia and overseas. Currently, students within Australia can apply for Exchanges to New Zealand. If you're overseas and want to discuss exchange options, you should visit Study overseas on the Current students website to contact the Global Learning team.

  • Can I enrol in a concurrent diploma?

    There are a range of diplomas available and each one has varying eligibility – we recommend having a look at Concurrent diplomas on the Current students website.