Bachelor of Science Orientation

For students starting the Bachelor of Science, Science: Day 1, Orientation and the Extended Orientation program are all important opportunities to learn about everything you need to get started in your course.

Before Orientation – get started

If you haven't yet, make sure that you've accepted your offer and enrolled in your course: Get Started at Melbourne

After that, explore different subject areas that may interest you and understand all the other great programs that make up your undergraduate experience in the Bachelor of Science Course Guide.

Science: Day 1

This is an exciting pre-orientation event that will allow you to explore all that the Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne has to offer. This year, Science: Day 1 is being held on the Parkville campus on 1 Feb, 2024.

You will learn important information about the various subjects we offer and gain beginner's tips on course planning. You will also have the opportunity to interact with teaching staff to explore different study areas in BSc and build connections with fellow Science students.

Those who have received an offer to study the Bachelor of Science will receive further information on how to register for Science: Day 1 via email.

Stay tuned for further details!

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BSc Orientation

Date: 19 Feb 2024

Location: Parkville campus

At BSc Orientation, you will be able to get familiar with Science at the University of Melbourne, learn how to prepare for your first few weeks of class and how to make the most out of your degree, and find out who your lecturers are.

Check back in soon for a program of events and further details.

Extended Orientation

Dates: Weeks 1–5

Following orientation week, you will continue to be supported in your transition to university and the BSc. The Extended Orientation program will cover different topics under specific themes in your first 5 weeks of study. Extended Orientation will also include a First Year Hub, a drop-in peer support service.

Check back in soon for more information, resources, and events for each weekly theme of Extended Orientation.


  • Week 1

    Essentials to Get Started

  • Week 2

    Build Connections

  • Week 3

    Leadership & Employment

  • Week 4

    Up your grade

  • Week 5

    Take Care

Frequently asked questions

We have received many questions during previous Orientation Weeks, and have collected some answers and related resources below.

  • How is Science: Day 1 different from Orientation?

    Science: Day 1 is an important pre-Orientation event that acts as your introduction to science at Melbourne. You will learn important information about the various subjects we offer, interact with some of our cool facilities, gain beginner's tips on course planning and make some friends who you can later meet up with at Orientation. At Orientation, you will delve deeper into your course, the subjects you have chosen and the services the University provides.

  • Do I need to attend both Science: Day 1 and Orientation?

    We strongly recommend you attend BOTH Science: Day 1 and Orientation, as each event offers unique information that will ultimately better prepare you for your BSc.

  • How do I register for Science: Day 1?

    If you have received an offer to study Science at UniMelb, you will have received an email with a registration link to sign-up for Science: Day 1.

  • Can I bring along a friend or guardian to Science: Day 1?

    As this a registration-only event specifically for students who have received an offer to study a BSc at the University, we will not be able to accommodate additional guests.

  • What if I can’t make it to Science: Day 1?

    If you cannot make it to Science: Day 1, we will be uploading Course Planning: 101 sessions which you can view live and on demand.