Bachelor of Science Orientation

Melbourne Orientation Week

Your BSc Orientation 2021 will take place during Melbourne Orientation Week, Monday 22 – Friday 26 February 2021.

Helpful resources and information for starting your BSc:

  • 1. Course planning your BSc

    Before orientation, you can find some great resources to help you understand the basics of the Bachelor of Science. Go and have a look at some sample course plans [pdf] and the Plan your BSc: Getting started page to start understanding your degree and we’ll provide you with further support during orientation!

  • 2. Student services

    If you have any questions about your offer or enrolment, or anything about student services, contact Stop 1 team for support. You can also check out FAQs on ask.unimelb to see if your question has already been answered.

    The Student Services Directory will connect you with health, welfare, careers, IT support and more. The university also offers free psychology services for all students, which you can access at any time.

  • 3. Academic assistance

    The Academic Skills team offer workshops and individual tutorials. They can help with skills like essay writing, preparing for exams or oral presentations and time management

  • 4. Important pages to bookmark

    The LMS (Learning Management System) is where all your subject and assessment information is housed. My.unimelb is used to access the University Library and the LMS, as well as to manage enrolment, view your results, check announcements and book advisor appointments.

  • 5. Scholarships

    You may be eligible for scholarships and not even know. Check out the Find the Right Scholarship search and see!

  • 6. Stay in touch

    You'll receive the monthly BSc_News e-newsletter, which will keep you up to date with opportunities and important news for graduate science students. The Science Student News Facebook is full of information about upcoming events, current news, and job and scholarship listings.

annita Lin headshot

"The course structure is flexible enough to handle almost all your curiosity, indecision and passions. Get involved in clubs and enrichment activities, be patient and find the ones the work for you and allow you to grow." - Annitta Lin, Bachelor of Science student