Getting started in your graduate science degree

We offer a range of events to help you settle into life at university, including Melbourne Orientation Week (Monday 22 – 26 February 2021) and degree-specific information sessions running from as early as 8 February.

Your orientation events

Your graduate degree information sessions

You will need to have your student I.D handy to register for these events. Some degrees have multiple sessions, please check the full roster to ensure you have signed up for all the sessions applicable to you.

Monday 8 February

Graduate Certificate in Bushfire Planning and Management - Orientation

Wednesday 10 February

Master of Geoscience - School induction

Master of Science (Earth Science) & Honors - School induction

Tuesday 16 February

Master of Science (Chemistry) Induction Program - Day 1

MSc BioSciences (+Honours) Orientation Session and induction

Wednesday 17 February

Master of Science (Chemistry) - Induction program: Day 2

Master of Biotechnology - Orientation and welcome session

Thursday 18 February

Master of Science (Chemistry) - Induction program: Day 3

School of BioSciences Safety Induction

Friday 19 February

Master of Computational Biology Orientation

Master of Ecosystem Management and Conservation

Monday 22 February

Master of Science (Physics) Welcome Session

Master of Science (Physics) Safety Induction

Master of Science (BioInformatics) - Orientation

3 4pm
Graduate Environmental Programs - Orientation and welcome

Master of Science (Mathematics and Statistics) - Induction

Wednesday 24 February

Master of Science (Physics) - Research skills session

Master and Graduate Diploma of Data Science - Orientation

Master of Science (Physics) - Safer Communities session

Master of Science (Mathematics & Statistics) - Welcome Session 1 (on-campus)

Master of Science (Mathematics & Statistics) - Welcome Session 2

Master of Science (Mathematics & Statistics) - Welcome Session 3

Thursday 25 February

Master of Science (Mathematics & Statistics) - Welcome Session 4

Master of Science (Mathematics & Statistics) - Welcome Session 5 (on campus)

Master of Science (Mathematics & Statistics) - Welcome Session 6

Friday 26 February

Master of Science (Physics) - Laser, X-Ray and Radiation Safety session

Monday 1 March

School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences - Welcome Postgrads

School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences - Welcome Postgrads (on campus)

Make sure you're ready to start

  • Accept your offer

    We’re honoured that you’ve chosen to further your passion for science at the University of Melbourne. Accept your offer via the Student Portal or the Application Portal. If you wish to change to a later commencement date, please apply to defer.

  • Get started

    Here’s a handy checklist to work through, to make sure you’ve taken care of administrative tasks including getting your student card, accessing your student email, and accessing the LMS.

  • Plan your course

    To explore your subject options and understand the course structure, find your course in the University of Melbourne Handbook. The Handbook is the University’s official source of course and subject information.

    Check out the handbook

    Once you’ve selected your subjects, follow these enrolment instructions for International and Domestic students.

  • Remember important dates

    Semester 1 Orientation is 22–26 February

    Semester 1, 2021 runs 1 March – 28 May

    Important note: Some of our courses start on dates other than those above. Please check your letter of offer for your course’s start. Other key semester dates can be found on the University's Semester dates page.

  • Get to know your campus

    Want to get to know your campus better? Check out the some maps and key campus services at the Campus information page.

Further information for your studies

  • Student services

    If you have any questions about your offer or enrolment, or anything about student services, contact Stop 1 team for support. You can also check out FAQs on ask.unimelb to see if your question has already been answered.

    For help with health, welfare, careers, IT support and more, the Student Services Directory will connect you with the right person. Remember that the university offers free psychology services for all students, which you can access at any time.

  • Academic assistance

    Check out the Academic Skills workshops and arrange individual tutorials where they will provide resources to help you succeed in your studies. They can help with skills like essay writing, preparing for exams or oral presentations, or even just managing time better.

    Need some help in developing your English language skills?  Take the Diagnostic English Language Assessment (DELA) when commencing studies and assess your strengths and weaknesses in reading, writing and listening. For further support apply to be a part of the Graduate Science Academic English Tutorial; a free face-to-face program for graduate students to develop their language skills among fellow science students.

  • Important pages for you

    The Learning Management System (LMS) provides a secure environment for online teaching and learning, with access to subject materials, schedules, lecture notes and recordings, and tutorial questions. You will also access assessment information through the LMS.

    My.unimelb is used to access the University Library and the LMS, as well as to manage enrolment, view your results, check announcements and book advisor appointments.

  • Clubs and societies

    Join a club or society - a great way to meet people, develop a skill, stay fit, or just have fun! Also consider joining the University Student Union (UMSU), UMSU International and the Graduate Student Association.

  • Scholarships

    You may be eligible for scholarships and not even know. Check out the Find the Right Scholarship search and see!

  • Stay in touch

    You’ll receive the monthly GradSc_News e-newsletter, which will keep you up to date with opportunities and important news for graduate science students. The Science Student News Facebook is full of information about upcoming events, current news, and job and scholarship listings.