Course guide: Graduate coursework degrees

Everything you need to know about graduate coursework study in the Faculty of Science. We recommend bookmarking this page and referring back to it often.

Getting started

Welcome to the Faculty of Science! You are about to commence on an exciting and challenging journey. Settle into your graduate studies with a range of degree-specific resources, checklists and course planning advice and information.

To start, you need to accept your offer to confirm your place here – then sign up to Orientation and start learning about what we have in store.

Getting started at Melbourne Graduate science orientation

Planning your course

Brief rundown of how course planning works, followed by a number of links – make sure to explain that this includes central University resources.

University of Melbourne Handbook

The University of Melbourne Handbook is the official source of course and subject information – you'll consult it every year to learn about subject prerequisites, assessment, contact hours and timetable details.

Search all subjects in the Handbook

Make the most out of your study


Internships provide you with opportunities to gain hands-on work experience while you apply the knowledge and skills you’ve developed. See available internships

Industry projects

Embark on a transformative journey, translating your academic prowess into practical solutions, as you collaborate with industry leaders for lasting impact. Explore the options

Studying and student life

Brief introduction to this section – again, making clear that we're linking off to a lot of central University resources.

The Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) is where you access subjects, watch lectures and submit assignments. Log in to the LMS


My.unimelb is where you can access your student email, calendar and personal and enrolment details. Visit My.unimelb

Stop 1 and student services

We offer one of the most comprehensive student support networks in Australia, including health and welfare, careers and employability and administrative and learning support services and resources. Stop 1 can connect you with the full range of student services to support your success, either online or in-person.

Student services directory Contact Stop 1

Support and contacts for students

Find contact information for a range of teams, support channels and student services from across the Faculty and the University.

Contact options for students