Internship Subjects and Industry Projects

Internship Subjects and Industry Projects provide you with credit towards your degree, while developing your technical and professional skills and building your graduate career prospects.

About internships

Undertaking an internship subject involves gaining real experience working in a relevant workplace. Depending on the subject, placements can be taken within Australia or overseas.

You can access exclusive opportunities with highly-regarded organisations or source your own internship in an organisation of interest.

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Internship subjects

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Meet some internship students

Jirra Moffatt – Murrup Barak Indigenous Undergraduate Work Integrated Learning program (IWIL), Athletics Australia and the AFL Footy Means Business program

”Both of these opportunities were amazing for me as not only did I gain valuable insight and skills to possible future career paths, but I also got to meet some great people and contacts that I will continue to use for the years to come.” Read more.

Amber Craig – BSc majoring in Geology, SCIE30002 with GeoScience Australia

"In the final year of my undergraduate degree I was in Canberra working with Geoscience Australia in the community safety department which focuses on natural disasters. I assisted in collecting and classification of feedback on the social impacts of the 2011 and 2013 Bundaberg floods as well as completed programming and analysis of tropical cyclone Yasi. I left the internship feeling confident that the skills I had learnt through my undergraduate degree enabled me to be proactive member of the science community, as well as gaining more direction of future career paths."

Holly Dillabough – Master of Environment, GEOG90022 with Northern Policy Institute, Sudbury, Canada

”The International Internship in Environment provided me with a chance to explore career options, apply knowledge and skills from my subjects as well as identify strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the experience of researching potential host organizations, tailoring my CV, cold-calling for positions and interviewing was invaluable experience that will help me more confidently enter the professional world after graduation. The most valuable learning experience of the internship was working alongside my colleagues and observing the flow of ideas between policy professionals, exposing myself to different ways of thinking as well as building a professional network.”

Martin Petrovski – BSc majoring in Electrical Systems, SCIE30002 with Melbourne Metro Rail Authority

"My placement has benefitted my personal development as well as my career, which is just taking off! Undertaking analysis for my research project, the utility relocations and the high voltage supply enabled me to expand and strengthen some of the specialised skills I have gained from my studies. On the other hand, the coordination meetings and oral presentation enabled me to develop a weaker area of mine - soft skills. After speaking with my supervisor recently, there may be a possibility for me to continue in a formal position full-time which is quite exciting.”

Paulina Koszalka – BSc(Hons) majoring in Microbiology and Immunology, SCIE30002 with World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research of Influenza

”The internship aided in drawing together what I have learnt in my lecture subjects and practical classes, which allowed me to begin to envision the ‘bigger picture’ of biological research. As a result, I was exposed to the breadth required of both one’s personal skills and the numerous scientific techniques which are integral in answering scientific questions in a research environment.”

Scott Gigante – BSc majoring in Mathematics and Statistics, SCIE30002 New Colombo Plan Scholarship Placement with VWware, Shanghai

"During my placement, I learned three different programming languages and familiarised myself with virtualisation, an exciting area in computer science. On top of that, I had the opportunity to submit an invention disclosure for the work that I did, which one day may lead to a patent application!”

Alyana Obtinalla – BSc majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, SCIE30002 with St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research

”I know I wouldn't be in the same place now if it wasn't for the science internship subject! Not only does it allow university students to gain experience in the real world but it opens new opportunities, gives confidence and most importantly provide us with a "jump start" and stepping stone to our future career/s which we are yet to find. With the help of SCIE30002 I've gained relevant skills and have learnt how to interact with "professional people". I will forever recommend this subject, as students not only gain skills, experience and confidence in facing the "real world", but gain a network of contacts.”