Eileen Lam

Bachelor of Science student, Eileen Lam, describes her love of science and the highlights of her time studying at Melbourne.

I have always loved science since a young girl. Watching all those Animal Planet and Discovery Channel documentaries has fuelled my love for science. Having great science teachers since a very young age has also definitely influenced my interest in science

I talked to some teachers in secondary school who were lab technicians or researchers in the past and they recommended I go to the University of Melbourne, given its proximity to many wonderful research bodies such as the Peter Doherty Institute and The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Melbourne also seemed to have a really good science course and a wonderful university atmosphere.

While at high school, I was still sheltered under my teachers. Coming to university, I just didn’t expect the amount of freedom but also self-responsibility that came with it. Suddenly there was no one at university to hold my hand. But I also realised that the helping hands so many students seek of are actually just there; not holding onto us but beside us so that whenever we need help, we can always reach out and hold on to a hand.

Studying here at the University of Melbourne is not just studying for me. It has meant new friends I have met from lectures, clubs and events. I am very blessed to have met all these amazing wonderful people some of whom have become my close friends. Also being able to use top quality facilities such as the Peter Doherty teaching laboratory and the Genetics Mendel laboratory has enriched my studies and made my studies a bit more exciting. Being able to study at such a wonderful university is a privilege and I am very grateful.

The Bachelor of Science is amazing, with many choices for subjects and majors. Make sure you check the prerequisites for Bachelor of Science in terms of subject levels and credit points and check out all the level one subjects you can take. If you are interested in any type of science, I encourage you to put down Bachelor of Science in your list of preferences because you won’t regret it.

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