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Scholarships, prizes and awards available for Academics

Baragwanath Geology Research Scholarship
Kaye Merlin Brutton Bequest (Staff / Academic award)
Grimwade Prize (Staff / Academic research prize; Industrial Chemistry)
J.N. Peters Bequest (BioSciences Academic Staff)
Selby Research Award
David Syme Research Prize (Academic research)
Norman Thomas Mortimer Wilsmore Research Prize (Chemistry)
Dublin Prize
Dean's Award for Environment, Health & Safety
Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Dean's Award for Excellence in Research
The Robert Lipp Plant Science Memorial Research Fellowship(s)
Dean's Award for Excellence - Engagement
Protist Systematics Research Fund
The Julia Marion Harvey Hale Bequest (SEFS)
The Samuel Francis Pond Trust (SEFS)
The Pownall, Irving, Davies Award (SEFS)
Dean's Engagement Seed Funds