Science Delivery

Meet new people, improve your communication and teamwork skills, and be a science role model for high school students!

What is Science Delivery?

Science Delivery is an outreach program run by the Faculty of Science and aimed at inspiring high school students from low socioeconomic status areas to continue studying science and go to university.

Each semester, volunteer presenters deliver science shows and workshops to high schools in metro and regional areas. Presenters receive extensive training and are responsible for developing the content for the program.

By participating in the program, presenters develop their communication and teamwork skills, and act as role models for the high school students by telling their own stories of success.

We are now taking applications for our next group of presenters!


To be eligible for the program, you need to be enrolled in the Bachelor of Science and be from a rural or isolated area, have a disadvantaged background or be Indigenous. You can be in any year of your degree and you don’t need previous experience presenting.

Time commitment

If selected, you will be required to attend 8 x 2-hour training sessions on Fridays during semester (10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm) and 2x full-day training sessions during the mid-semester break.

The Science Delivery Roadshow will run for two weeks in December. The team will be presenting to high schools in metro areas Monday 2 – Friday 6 December, and travelling to a regional area of Victoria Monday 9 December – Friday 13 December.

Your expenses will be covered for the duration of the roadshows.

How to apply

Applications for Semester 2 are now closed.

For more information email Julia Cleghorn, Faculty of Science: