Geena Glass

Bachelor of Science student, Geena Glass, gives her advice to high school students considering a future in physics.

Geena Glass, in front of a whiteboard covered with equations

In Year 10 I was accepted into the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program here at the University of Melbourne. This program helped me to foster some amazing connections with like-minded students from across Victoria and solidified, for me, a desire to study at the University of Melbourne.

I like understanding why things happen at a fundamental level and physics lets me do this. My love of mathematics and science inspired me to pursue physics.

Here at Melbourne I have been able to establish some amazing friendships with like-minded students in physics and I have come to feel truly a part of the Physics cohort and wider faculty. My studies thus far have been amazing, and I can't wait for all the opportunities that may arise in the future.

I would encourage prospective students to do their research and make sure they are aware of any prerequisite subjects they should be taking in year 12. Some university subjects will have different prerequisites to the actual 'Bachelor of Science' course.

Also, consider and be open to the freedom you could have at Melbourne with the Bachelor of Science, as you are able to select from so many different subject disciplines in first year especially that it's very easy to tailor a degree to you and what you like.

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