Harriet Kulich

Bachelor of Science student, Harriet Kulich, talks about the flexibility of the Melbourne Model and how research-based subjects have enriched her experience while teaching her valuable new skills.

Harriet Kulich

I’ve always loved animals and the environment, and I hope to contribute to the conservation of organisms and ecosystems by learning about ecology and conservation and gaining practical research skills.

I really appreciate the flexibility of study within my course, and the University’s great reputation both locally and internationally helps  me to be more confident about the quality of education I am receiving and my post-graduation employment prospects. I’ve been able to follow my passion and carry out a number of research-focused subjects in my third year, meaning that I’ve been able to enjoy my time studying while still gaining useful skills for after graduation.

I’ve also really enjoyed the friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the wide variety of extra-curricular activities offered, such as student-run clubs which cater for a huge range of interests!

It’s fine if you don’t know exactly what you want to do when you start your degree, as there is scope to refine and redefine the path you take. I would recommend taking advantage of the wide range of subjects available during first and second years to try different disciplines and keep your options open going into later years of study.

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