How do I get from the Bachelor of Science to the Doctor of Medicine?

If you’d like to study a Doctor of Medicine, find out about prerequisites, majors and entry requirements through the Bachelor of Science.

To become a doctor at the University of Melbourne, you need to do a 3-year undergraduate degree – such as the Bachelor of Science – followed by the Doctor of Medicine (4 years).

The Bachelor of Science is one of the most popular starting points for a career in medicine or the health sciences.

Which prerequisite subjects are needed?

From 2022, there will no longer be any subject prerequisite requirements for the Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne.

To meet the current entry requirements for the Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne, you need to complete second-year subjects in anatomy, biochemistry and physiology. At the University of Melbourne those subjects are:

These subjects can all be taken in the Bachelor of Science.

All these subjects have first-year prerequisites (you can find these by clicking the links above), you need to plan ahead when structuring your course.

Which major should I do?

Your major is your main area of specialisation in your degree.

You can complete any major in the Bachelor of Science and still meet the prerequisites for the Doctor of Medicine. It all depends on your interests.

For example, if you love chemistry but want to aim for the Doctor of Medicine, in your Bachelor of Science you can major in Chemistry and still fulfil the prerequisites for Medicine, as listed above.

You’ll also study non-science subjects known as ‘Breadth‘ subjects, which you can use to follow an interest or develop complementary skills.

What are the other entry requirements?

Along with the subject prerequisites, you’ll need to meet other entry requirements for the Doctor of Medicine, including an interview, a minimum weighted average mark and the Graduate Medical Schools Admissions Test (GAMSAT).

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When do I apply for the Doctor of Medicine?

Most students apply for the Doctor of Medicine while completing the final year of their undergraduate degree.

Application dates vary.

Find out how to apply.

Why Science?

Studying the Bachelor of Science will give you a choice of subjects and majors that will keep your career and postgraduate pathways open.

Many Bachelor of Science students go on to the Doctor of Medicine, or to other graduate pathways in healthcare.

Find out more about study and career options in health.

With the Bachelor of Science, you can choose a major that builds your fundamental understanding of medicine and human physiology, such as Human Structure and Function, MicrobiologyImmunology, Neuroscience, or Pathology. You can also study related areas of science, such as Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Cell and Developmental Biology, or Genetics. These majors will give you a strong experimental and theoretical background with which to tackle your studies in medicine.

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