Faculty of Science leadership team

The Faculty is led by the Dean and supported by the Leadership Team, including directors, heads of schools and associate deans.

Dean of Science

Deputy Dean of Science

Faculty Executive Director

Profile picture of Michelle Ward

Dr Michelle Ward

Associate Deans

Profile picture of Alex Johnson

Associate Professor Alex Johnson

Associate Dean (International)
Profile picture of Craig Jeffery

Professor Craig Jeffery

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs)
Profile picture of Craig Nitschke

Associate Professor Craig Nitschke

Associate Dean (Graduate Programs)
Profile picture of Robyn Schofield

Associate Professor Robyn Schofield

Associate Dean (Environment and Sustainability)
Profile picture of Kate Smith-Miles

Professor Kate Smith-Miles

Associate Dean (Enterprise and Innovation)
Profile picture of Georgina Such

Associate Professor Georgina Such

Associate Dean (Diversity, Inclusion and Women in Science)
Profile picture of Andy Martin

Professor Andy Martin

Associate Dean (Research)
Profile picture of Gavin Reid

Professor Gavin Reid

Associate Dean (Infrastructure)

Heads of Schools

Profile picture of Josh Slater

Professor Josh Slater

Head of School of Melbourne Veterinary School (Acting)
Profile picture of Giovanni Turchini

Professor Giovanni Turchini

Head of School of Agriculture, Food and Ecosystem Sciences
Profile picture of Margie Mayfield

Professor Margie Mayfield

Head of School of BioSciences
Profile picture of Muthupandian Ashokkumar

Professor Muthupandian Ashokkumar

Head of School of Chemistry
Profile picture of Todd Lane

Professor Todd Lane

Head of School Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Profile picture of Howard Bondell

Professor Howard Bondell

Head of School of Mathematics and Statistics
Profile picture of Harry Quiney

Professor Harry Quiney

Head of School of Physics


Profile picture of Elisabetta Barberio

Professor Elisabetta Barberio

Director ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics
Profile picture of Aaron Corn

Professor Aaron Corn

Inaugural Director, Indigenous Knowledge Institute
Profile picture of Jan de Gier

Professor Jan de Gier

Director Mathematical Research Institute (MATRIX)
Profile picture of Kirsten Parris

Kirsten Parris

Director Office for Environmental Programs
Profile picture of Andrew Drinnan

Dr Andrew Drinnan

Director Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science (Extended)
Profile picture of Tim Marchant

Professor Tim Marchant

Director Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
Profile picture of Paul Mulvaney

Professor Paul Mulvaney

Director ARC CoE for Exciton Science
Profile picture of Michael Parker

Professor Michael Parker

Director Bio21 Institute
Profile picture of Anastasios Polyzos

Dr Anastasios Polyzos

Director ARC Training Centre for Chemical Industries
Profile picture of Kate Smith-Miles

Professor Kate Smith-Miles

Director ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Optimisation Technologies, Integrated Methodologies and Applications (OPTIMA)
Profile picture of Michael Brear

Professor Michael Brear

Director Melbourne Energy Institute
Profile picture of Ros Gall

Associate Professor Ros Gall

Director of the Bachelor of Agriculture
Profile picture of Deli Chen

Professor Deli Chen

Director of the ARC Research Hub for Smart Fertilisers