A future fund for the University of Melbourne Herbarium

The University of Melbourne Herbarium (MELU) was established in 1926 and is now the largest university herbarium in Australia, with an estimated 150,000 specimens. It is a research and teaching collection of international significance. It is an invaluable resource for scientists, playing an important role in taxonomy that underpins biodiversity conservation. The herbarium includes collections of flowering plants, ferns, bryophytes, algae and fungi and historically significant specimens such as those collected by Banks and Solander, as well as historic botanical objects and artwork. MELU compliments the National Herbarium (MEL), Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, with which there is a strong collaboration.

Gifts to the Foundation for the Herbarium will provide support to maintain, curate and grow the collection. Gifts can support the delivery of research outcomes, student training, our volunteer program, and provide readily-accessible data through national and international networks.

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