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Our generous benefactors make it possible for our best and brightest science talent to flourish, and find solutions to the issues that matter most.

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We invite you to join the thousands of donors worldwide who are changing the lives of future generations by funding science scholarships and research at the University of Melbourne.

With your vision and support, combined with our research and teaching expertise, we can achieve great things.

We sincerely thank every one of our alumni and friends who support us.

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To discuss how you can support the Faculty of Science through donations or gifts in will, please contact us by email or call us at +61 3 8344 3792

Why your support matters

Help a deserving student succeed

Grace Boxshall

Your gift will help a promising student achieve their full potential, regardless of their background or circumstances. The Dean’s Fund for Science Scholarships supports future generations of talented scientists.

Donate to student scholarships

"Receiving the Muriel Ramm Science Bursary has meant an incredible amount to me. It hasn’t just freed me from some of the pressure of juggling study, income, and bills. It has also given me an incredible moment of perspective and recognition during one of the most challenging periods in my life."
– Amelia-Grace Boxshall

Recipient of a Muriel Ramm Science Bursary.  Professor Emeritus Colin Ramm and his family established the bursary in memory of his wife Muriel, celebrating her love of science and encouragement of educational opportunity.

Support an early career researcher

Daniel Murfet

Your support of talented early career researchers can provide critical encouragement at what can be a challenging time in their career. Donations can enable breakthroughs in research, purchase of specialist equipment, or development of important new research networks.

Donate to early career research

"The Andrew Sisson fund paid for an expert in linear logic to visit Melbourne and stay for a week, and it was this visit that led to a crucial breakthrough. Together with my Masters student, we have made substantial progress in the last two years. I think the work holds a lot of promise, and I expect there will be significant applications, both theoretically and in industry."
– Dr Daniel Murfet

Mathematics and Statistics Lecturer

Give Australian wildlife a helping hand

Native Australian animals

If you’re passionate about Australian native animals, you can support some very practical efforts to help ensure their survival into the future.

Donate to help Australian wildlife

"A number of philanthropic grants allow me to study threatened mammals, so we can learn why they’re declining and how to conserve them."
– Phoebe Burns

Support plant research

Botanists carrying out research in the Australian bush

Your donations to our Botany Foundation will enable research with very significant implications for human wellbeing – in areas as diverse as environmental conservation, food security, nutrition, and biosecurity.

Donate to plant science research

"Never before has there been so much focus on the need to document the world’s biodiversity. Documenting species diversity and naming groups are the basis for other areas of science, such as agriculture, ecosystem management, conservation and economic botany."
– Dr Tanja Schuster

Pauline Ladiges Plant Systematics Fellow, funded in part by donations

Give to Chemistry

Chemistry building

By donating our Masson Fund, you can support of research, teaching and engagement activities in chemistry. Whether it's by supporting scholarships, positions, research projects or purchase of equipment, you can help advance the cause of the chemical sciences.

Donate to chemistry

Bring together art and science

Science Gallery

When it opens in 2020, Science Gallery Melbourne will inspire and transform curious minds through the collision of art and science. Your donation can help establish Australia’s first science gallery, and build a dynamic new model for engaging young adults in science.

Donate to Science Gallery Melbourne