Science and technology student internships

Give talented students the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in your organisation.

About our internships

If you have a science or technology-related function in your organisation, consider offering an internship opportunity for an enthusiastic University of Melbourne student.

All organisations, including government, NGOs and private enterprises, can participate as host organisations.

Through the internship program, organisations can access students from all science and technology disciplines at the University of Melbourne.

High-calibre interns are available from both undergraduate and graduate courses:

 Internship durationRemuneration
Bachelor of Science students (second or third-year) 80–100 hours Unpaid
Masters students (various courses) 80–100 hours Unpaid
Masters students (environment and conservation streams) 200 hours Unpaid
PhD candidates Minimum of 3 months $3000 per month

If you would like us to promote an internship opportunity, please email:

Benefits to your organisation

Our host organisations report that hosting interns is a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience.

Some benefits to host organisations:

  • Access motivated students with the latest knowledge in their field
  • Gain a fresh perspective
  • Meet and ‘road-test’ potential future employees
  • Develop connections with the Faculty of Science
  • Excite the next generation of science and technology workers
  • Promote your organisation as an employer of choice among our students.

What can interns do?

The nature of the work can vary greatly, depending on the organisation and the intern. It can be a mixture of many tasks and activities such as:

  • Field or lab work
  • Data analysis
  • Marketing or communications activities
  • Literature searches
  • Shadowing employees
  • Administrative work
  • Business as usual or project work.
Parks Victoria staff and University of Melbourne interns
Parks Victoria staff with University of Melbourne interns.
It was a privilege to have the opportunity to celebrate such a great Internship Program the University of Melbourne offers. There is so much potential to significantly increase partnership between University of Melbourne and Parks Victoria, especially given that Science is closely linked with all areas of Parks Victoria's operations. Adam, Parks Victoria

What the host organisation provides

The host organisation must provide:

  • A meaningful experience
  • A safe working environment
  • Experienced staff to induct, supervise and mentor the intern
  • A brief student evaluation at the conclusion of the internship.

Each host organisation can administer its own selection process, and can negotiate work hours with the student. Placements can be in a block or over a longer period of time.

For PhD interns, the host organisation provides a stipend of $3000 per month. Other undergraduate and graduate interns do not need to be paid.

Recent internship partners

  • Parks Victoria
  • IBM Research
  • Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Australian Water Quality Centre
  • Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research (DELWP)
  • Bureau of Meteorology
  • International Women's Development Agency
  • Moreland Energy Foundation Limited

Insurance and agreements

The University's Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance covers liability for the University and any of its students in relation to internships, work placements and industry projects.

Host organisations will be asked to sign the University's standard Letter Agreement.  This outlines the terms and conditions, managing confidentiality and the assigning of IP.

Contact us

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