Industry engagement

There are many ways in which an organisation can collaborate with Science at Melbourne. Contract research and collaborative research are just a few of the ways… Join the many organisations that collaborate with the Faculty of Science.

Other engagement opportunities

Contract research, collaborative research and support of student projects and prizes are just a few of the ways companies and the University can work together.

We encourage industry professionals to participate in our curriculum, or in our industry seminar series, and demonstrate how theories and skills learned at university are applied in the workforce.

Organisations may also wish to offer our students the opportunity to visit their workplaces to allow our students a first-hand insight into the operating environments they aspire to work in after graduation.

Interested in discussing an opportunity?

For business opportunities, contact Michael Egan, Director, Business and Development, Physical Sciences, or call +61 3 8344 2904

If you are interested in hosting Science interns or student industry projects, contact Fiona Simpson, Careers and Industry Consultant, or call +61 3 9035 9522.