Connecting industry and students

If you have an interest in raising the profile of your company, or sharing your expertise with up-and-coming talent, consider getting more involved via lectures, events and more.

A range of ways to connect

In addition to internships and industry projects, some possible ways to get involved are:

  • Speak to students as a guest lecturer or at an industry panel/networking event: Educate students on your company, the skills you’re looking for, and how theories and skills learned at university are applied in the workforce.
  • Organise workplace visits: Allow students a first-hand insight into the operating environments they aspire to work in after graduation.
  • Recruit university students: Promote your opportunity to the highest calibre of students and graduates, including targeting specific candidates. There is no charge for employers to advertise with us directly on Careers Online.
  • Provide support for prizes and scholarships: Financial support of prizes can give your brand a boost among future potential employees.
  • Act as a mentor: Challenge, motivate, inspire and empower the next generation of science and engineering students by participating in informal meetings with students. Find more about our mentoring programs below, or get in contact to discuss other ways to mentor students in your industry.

Mentoring programs

Contact us

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