Partnerships and collaborations are an integral part of our research capability.

Australian Research Council (ARC) Centres

The ARC supports the highest-quality fundamental and applied research and research training. The Faculty of Science participates in a number of ARC Centres of Excellence (CoE), and hosts all four of the University's lead CoE.

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Three researchers working at a terminal

University collaborative and other centres

The Faculty of Science participates in inter-disciplinary research in areas such as materials science, sustainable energy, the mathematics and statistics of complex systems, conservation biology, reproduction and development, climate change, biotechnology and genomics.

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Research linkages and networks

The Faculty of Science has a research income of more than $AUD60 million per year, and plays an important role in Australia's knowledge economy. We are involved in numerous research initiatives and accommodate over 20 Fellows of learned academies.

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Research institutes and centres

The Faculty of Science is involved with a number of cross-disciplinary research institutes and centres. We play a major role in the Melbourne Interdisciplinary Research Institutes and the Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute (Bio21 Institute).

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