Science Delivery

Science Delivery is a program presented by passionate university students who want to inspire your high school students to study science and go to university!

Students taking part in science delivery

We present exciting (and sometimes explosive) science demonstrations, work through online science projects, and act as role models for your students, by talking about our backgrounds, the challenges we have overcome and our stories of success. The program is flexible and can be presented to students in their home or in the classroom.

Target students:

The program is aimed at students in year 7 – year 10.


Monday 19 July – Friday 23 July (week 2, term 3).

Time length:

The program is flexible and can fit in with your school’s timetable. We recommend a session 1hr – 1.5hrs.

Method of delivery:

Zoom Webinar


Students only require access to a device (individually or in groups).


Free to your school


This program is delivered to schools in low SES and regional areas of Melbourne and Victoria.

Email to request a visit

Students interested in being part of the program please go to the Volunteering and Leadership page.

Previously, the Science Delivery team have provided the program to schools through incursions, however due to current government restrictions and social distancing requirements the program has been redeveloped to be available online.