Science Delivery

Science Delivery is a program presented by passionate university students who want to inspire your high school students to study science and go to university!

Science Delivery aims to encourage students from a diverse range of backgrounds to study science and  go to University, and ensure any barriers they are facing do not stop them from achieving their career goals. The program is presented by Bachelor of Science students from the University of Melbourne, who have all overcome challenges to achieve success in their studies

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They will present exciting (and sometimes explosive) science demonstrations, work through science experiments and activities, share videos of University life, and act as role models for your students by sharing their backgrounds, the challenges they have overcome and their stories of success.

The program is flexible and can be presented to students online or in person (if restrictions allow).

Target students:
The program is aimed at students in year 7 – year 10.

Monday 29 November – Friday 3 December (week 9, term 4) - Metro schools/Virtual
Monday 6 December - Friday 10 December (week 10, term 4) - Regional Roadshow

Free to your school

This program is delivered to schools in low SES and regional areas of Melbourne and Victoria.


2x classes/session

Time length:
The program is flexible and can fit in with your school’s timetable. We recommend a 2 hr session.

Students will firstly gather together in a large room to watch the science demonstrations, and then break off into classrooms to work through science activities. They will then return to the large room to hear more from the presenters and to wrap up the session.

1x classroom/space where all students can comfortably watch the science demonstrations. This room requires access to a projector, and 2-3 large tables to set up our demonstrations.

2x classrooms where students can work through an activity as a class.

NB: the demonstration area can double up as an activity space


Method of delivery:
Zoom Webinar

Each student requires access to a device.

Capacity:We recommend 2-3 classes/session

Each student Students will individually log into the session via Zoom Webinar, which means they will not have their camera or mic on, but we will be constantly interacting with the class via the chat function. The session will begin with each presenter introducing themselves and presenting a science demonstration. We will also play a game of Kahoot, show videos from the University campus, and each presenter will also talk about the challenges they have overcome and their plans for the future, before opening up to questions from the audience.

Time length:
The program is flexible and can fit in with your school’s timetable. We recommend a 1 - 1.5hr session.

Email to request a visit

Students interested in being part of the program please go to the Volunteering and Leadership page.