Human Geography

Research in the field of human geography from the Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne.


Andrea Babon     Environmental politics and governance, political ecology of natural resources (forests; Asia-Pacific), sustainability, international development.

Jon Barnett     The impacts of and responses to environmental change on social systems in the Asia-Pacific region.

Simon Batterbury     Environment and development, political ecology of natural resources, sustainability and international development issues.

David Bissell     Combining qualitative research on embodied practices with social theory to explore the social, political and ethical consequences of mobile lives.

Candice Boyd     The geographies of mental health, therapeutic spaces, rurality, and contemporary museum geographies.

Trent Brown     Studies on India’s new agricultural skill development initiatives and their impact on rural development and youth livelihoods.

Boyd Candice     The geographies of mental health, therapeutic spaces, rurality, and eco-identity.

Sangeetha Chandrashekeran     Geographical political economy, socio-technical change, evolutionary economic geography, neoliberalism, sustainability and environmental justice.

Brian Cook     Water, risk and sustainable development, agrarian change, exploring the governance and power of water and flood management.

Kate Dooley     Global environmental governance including the politics of terrestrial carbon accounting and land-use for climate mitigation.

Wolfram Dressler     Research that examines human-environment relations using a critical political ecology framework in the arena of conservation and development (Southeast Asia).

Olivia Dun     Social aspects of environmental issues, particularly at the household scale including links between environmental change, natural hazards, and human migration/displacement.

Jane Dyson     Inequalities, gender and social transformation with reference to youth in north India and Australia.

Tim Edensor     Research on national identity, place identity and geographies of light and dark including urban materiality by exploring the geographies of stone in Melbourne.

Gillian Gregory Ames     Resource governance, extractive industries, and development, with particular emphasis on Latin America.

Rachel Hughes     Questions of memory, justice and geopolitics, with particular reference to post 1979 Cambodia.

Sergio Jarillo     Climate change adaptation practices, with a focus on community-based adaptation in the Maldives, the Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Torres Strait Islands.

Uma Kothari     Postcolonial critiques of solidarity and humanitarianism; transnational migration and refugees; cultural history of seafarers and everyday life and environmental change in island communities.

Vanessa Lamb     Human-environment interactions, international water politics, and political ecology of Southeast Asia.

Celia McMichael     Research into international health and development, including water, sanitation and infectious disease, human migration and the health of refugees and displaced populations.

Lisa Palmer     Studies on the socio-natures and environment government, primarily focused on south-east Asia (particularly East Timor) and Indigenous Australia.

Catherine Phillips     Examining the relationship between people and environment with a focus on agriculture and food.

Paula Satizábal     Political ecology, human-environment interactions, agrarian and coastal change, environmental governance, geographies of the sea, and environmental justice.

Libby Straughan     Embodied, sensuous and emotional engagements with environments.

Ariane Utomo     Population, labour force, marriage, fertility, and family change in Indonesia.

Ellen van Holstein     Gardening practices and the complex and multiple understandings of community and environment that are produced that way.

Mark Wang     Studies in the urbanisation of East Asia, and development and environmental issues in China.

Elissa Waters     Examining the role of the state in governance for climate change and disasters in Australia and the South Pacific

Ilan Wiesel     Investigations in housing and neighbourhood dynamics in the processes that produce or respond to social and economic inequalities in cities.

Research in this area is conducted in the School of Geography.