Caitlyn Mankey

Bachelor of Science graduate, Caitlyn Mankey, talks about the Animal Health and Disease major accelerated pathway into the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

The Bachelor of Science was the perfect foundation for knowledge I would need to carry right through my degree. The curriculum itself was the perfect foundation for a rewarding post-graduate course.

The option of an accelerated pathway if my science grades were adequate meant that I finished my last year of science as the first year of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

I thoroughly enjoyed everything about Science, especially the very strong extra-curricular activity focus (BBQs, events) where an emphasis was placed on getting to know people in your course. I was also involved in the Melbourne University Soccer Club which gave me a chance to meet people outside of university and to keep active and fit, which is great for the mind and for learning.

Definitely consider putting science at Melbourne University on your list. There is such a broad range of subjects and career paths available, definitely something for everyone who has a scientific mind and is scientifically inclined.

Never stop learning, always consider what options the science course will have opened up for you and never feel like you cannot come back to university as a mature age student if you wish to continue your studies further.

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