Where do I go if I need help?

If you’re thinking about starting the Bachelor of Science, you’re probably a little excited, and a lot nervous about what it'll be like. Don’t worry! Everyone feels this way, and there’s plenty of help whenever you need it.

When you start the Bachelor of Science, you’ll be joining hundreds of like-minded people, and most will be feeling the same way as you. At the start, you’ll all be wondering how to make friends, find your way around campus, and get on top of university work.

Rest assured we know exactly how you feel. Read on to find out all the ways we can help you find your feet and thrive at uni.

Elizabeth Griffits, Bachelor of Science 2011
Don't be scared that you don't know what you're going to do with your degree. Choose a degree that interests you and that you will get to the end of. You will discover a lot of things about yourself and your interests along the way that will help to guide the kind of work you end up in. Elizabeth Griffiths, Bachelor of Science graduate

How do I make friends or meet people at uni?

With so many people on campus, you can be sure that your new best friends are out there, just waiting to be found.

There are lots of clubs and societies where you can meet other students and get involved on campus. The Science Students’ Society regularly hosts events and activities, including free BBQs every fortnight!

You can get involved with the Peer Mentoring Program to learn tips and tricks from students who are already in the Bachelor of Science.

You can also meet fellow Bachelor of Science students at events like Science Day 1, during orientation, or through practical classes, tutorials or group assignments in class.

During my first few months, I found it exciting to meet all these new people that shared the same interests as me. Ismini Manakas, Bachelor of Science

How will I find my way around campus?

There’s an app for that! Download the Lost on Campus app and you’ll be navigating around the university like a pro in no time.

How do I choose my major and subjects?

There are lots of subject options in the Bachelor of Science. It can be tough to know what will be right for you.

You can relax for now though. To start with you only need to focus on your first year. You don’t have to choose your major yet and you’ll have lots of opportunities to find the right subjects for you. Here are some pointers for choosing your major .

  • Science Day 1 is your first day as a Bachelor of Science student. It’s your chance to learn about your first year options in the Bachelor of Science, explore the campus, and make some friends.
  • At Science Day 1 you'll be given information to help plan your subjects for first year to make sure you’re meeting prerequisites while keeping your options open.
  • If you need more advice, Stop 1 has experts who can help.

Read more about choosing your major

Where can I go if I need help with my course?

Uni might seem quite different from school at first, but it won’t take you long to settle in and figure out how it all works. We hope you’ll quickly feel right at home because you’ve done the work to get here and we’re confident in your ability to succeed.

Things don’t always go as planned, so if you’re struggling with your course load, or not doing as well as you hoped, you can talk to your lecturers, tutors or course advisors at Stop 1.

There are also academic skills workshops with online learning and on-on-one support sessions available to help you. These sessions can help you build on the skills you’ll learn in class, and help you discover how to apply them to your assignments.

How can I get a job while I’m at uni?

There are plenty of ways to find part-time work, and you could even find paid work that’s relevant to your studies.

Careers Online has jobs listings, graduate programs, internships and more, exclusively for current University of Melbourne students, including programs such as Students@Work.

The University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) regularly has opportunities for students to get involved in some real-life work experience with a range of different positions.

There is also the Careers and employability portal where you can discover you options and develop your skills while you study. This is where you can get help preparing for interviews and writing resumes.

What if I get into financial difficulties?

If you’re having money troubles, Student Support (Financial Aid) can give you advice and advocacy for financial and welfare support. You can book an appointment to speak with a specialist staff member and find useful tips on managing your money.

There is also a range of support services available through UMSU Welfare Department, including services like the Food Bank – an anonymous food pack for students struggling to choose between dinner and rent.

What health services are available?

You have access to a range of health services on campus, or nearby. There are services including:

What if something unexpected happens while I’m studying?

If something comes up that means you’re struggling with uni, for example if you miss an exam for reasons outside your control, or you don’t think you will be able to submit an assignment in time, you can get help by talking to Stop 1 or applying for Special Consideration.