Indigenous research and teaching

An important element of teaching and research within the Faculty of Science is to acknowledge Indigenous connections to Country, and to work towards greater research, engagement and inclusion with Indigenous Australia.

We aim to increase the visibility of Indigenous research through contributions to Indigenous knowledges and collaborations with Indigenous communities, contributing to projects of importance to their lives and aspirations.

The Faculty's Indigenous research commitments

The Faculty of Science is committed to:

  • Supporting its academic staff to develop the skills to engage in meaningful and respectful partnerships
  • Resourcing activities that will lead to new or strengthened partnerships
  • Fostering the research excellence of Indigenous staff.

Our current initiatives

Some of our current initiatives include:

  • Supporting the Tiwi Land Council Science Reference Committee, which involves researchers from across the Faculty and receives support from the Dean’s Strategic Fund.
  • Hosting a specialist in Indigenous Astronomy and Science within the School of Physics
  • Indigenous perspectives in curricula
    We require all course and subject curriculum reviews to consider integration of Indigenous knowledges and perspectives.
Indigenous rangers and University of Melbourne academic staff mingle at a workshop.
Indigenous rangers from the Kimberley and Faculty of Science academics took part in the University of Melbourne Indigenous science workshop, Reconciliation Week 2019. Photo: Annette Ruzicka.
The Community of Practice hosted the Indigenous Partnerships Workshop 2021

Community of Practice for Indigenous Engagement in Science

This group provides a network to foster collaboration and sharing of experiences and practices by Faculty staff and Indigenous partners and communities. It aims to support:

  • The inclusion and agency of Indigenous staff and students in Faculty initiatives involving Indigenous peoples, knowledges and/or cultures
  • Staff and student capacity to engage with Indigenous peoples, knowledges and cultures
  • A collaborative and coordinated approach to including Indigenous peoples, knowledges and cultures across all aspects of the Faculty’s activities
  • Opportunities to learn from best practice and experiences of members.

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