Intensive subjects and fieldwork at Dookie Campus

Doing fieldwork or taking an intensive at Dookie campus is an exciting and enriching experience. This guide contains all the information you need to make the most of your time at Dookie.

Campus facilities

Study facilities

Dookie Campus is Victoria's oldest agricultural college and Australia's second oldest, and its estate is a 2440-hectare property comprised of farming enterprises, a commercial winery and the Dookie Bushland Reserve. Consisting of 270 ha of remnant White/Grey Box, the Dookie Bushland Reserve is of national significance and is the single largest and most diverse area of White/Grey box grassy woodland remaining in Victoria. The reserve is monitored and managed to help maintain the biodiversity of this important ecosystem.

Dookie Farm enterprises (dairy, broadacre cropping, sheep and orchard) are managed as commercial ventures, incorporating research and educational programs.

Student facilities

Dookie campus has lovely swimming pool – but it is unsupervised.  All students must undergo a pool induction and be responsible for their own safety.  We also have tennis courts, squash court, basketball court, football oval and gym. There is some sports equipment available for loan.

The Gavin Gibson building is utilised as a student common room when intensive subjects are being delivered – please use this area to socialise after 10pm when the noise curfew in dorms comes into effect.  Subjects delivered in intensive mode are intensive and some have an exam on the final day – students need a good sleep! Please respect your fellow students and be especially quiet in dorms after 10pm.

Dookie is hotter in summer and colder in winter than Melbourne – you may want to bring a small fan for your room if you are here in summer as the accommodation is not air-conditioned.

Getting to and from Dookie

Dookie is a 2.5–3 hour drive from the Parkville campus. Do not rely on a GPS unit to give you directions; the GPS unit often will land you about 10kms away not knowing where you are! Consult the map for further directions.

Arrival and departure times

  • Students can arrive any time from 3pm on Sunday afternoon in readiness for classes on Monday – there is generally a staff member on duty between 3pm and 6pm on Sunday.
  • If you prefer, you can also arrive on Monday morning.
  • On Friday afternoon we will take you into Shepparton to catch the 4.05pm service back to Melbourne.

Please note there is generally no catering available on Sunday evenings unless specifically indicated for your subject. Please bring something with you or dine before you arrive.

Map of Dookie via Violet Town

Instructions for students taking the V-Line train

Catching the V-Line train that leaves Southern Cross station at 12.36pm on Sunday will get you to Shepparton station at 3.19pm. You must book your own ticket for the train.  If you miss the train, or choose to take another one, the taxi fare from Shepparton station to the campus will be around $80.

We offer a pickup service for students catching the 3.19pm train. If you would like to use this, please be sure to tick this option when you complete your ECART form.

Please double check the times/service in case there are any changes before you leave at

Meals and accommodation

When you attend the Dookie campus, catering and accommodation is provided together only as a package you are not able to take an "accommodation only" option. You will be advised of the cost of accommodation and catering on the LMS. This must be paid upfront you cannot defer this to HECS.

Accommodation at the Dookie Campus is in single rooms (one person per room only) with shared bathroom facilities. Meals are located in the Campus dining room.

The LMS page for your subject should be available approximately 4 weeks prior to your fieldwork or intensive. Please complete the accommodation booking form provided on the LMS indicating your requirements and return via email, along with a copy of the receipt that is emailed to you via the ECART system. We are able to cater for special meal requirements (eg vegetarian) – please make sure to indicate your requirements when you make your ECART payment.

The price includes a single room accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Students must bring their own sleeping bag or linen, and doona or blankets, and bath towel. There are no cash out facilities on campus, so please bring enough cash with you. Coffee and tea are available for purchase from the dining room, or free in your accommodation. Nothing else is available for purchase on the campus so bring everything you need for the week: snacks, toothbrush and paste, insect repellent and personal items. There are no coffee shops or convenience stores on campus and the dining room is open only at meal times.

Dining room and departure times

Dining room hours are 7.30 - 8.45 am for breakfast, 12.00 1.00pm for lunch and 6.00 - 7.00 pm for dinner weekdays only.

Students must be dressed in reasonable fashion for meals and classes - ie no pyjamas! Dirty boots/shoes are to be removed before entry to the dining hall. Footwear must be worn at all other times.

Rooms must be fully vacated by 9.00 am on the morning of departure. Students not staying in the residences will need to make arrangements with staff regarding the purchase of meals.

Please note that the accommodation form and payment must be returned by the date indicated on the accommodation booking form usually at least one week prior to your intensive.

Important things to note

Please be aware that other residential groups may be here at the campus, and staff families actually live on campus, so please remember to respect other peoples' privacy and not be noisy at night, etc. Victorian road rules apply to all roads on campus, and please park your car only in designated parking areas. It is OK to take your car up to your accommodation to unload, but then please park in the car park. Please do not leave valuables in your car.

Please bring cash with you – there is nowhere on campus to withdraw money. There is EFTPOS available but no cash out facility. Also, it is a good idea to ensure you have enough petrol in the car to get back to the service station on the highway. We do have a small petrol bowser here for emergencies, but it is very expensive!

More information

For enquiries, contact the Dookie Campus:

940 Dookie-Nalinga Road,
Dookie College, VIC 3647

Phone: (+61 3) 5833 9200

More information about the Dookie Campus