Our Locations

The Faculty of Science has a presence at three of the University of Melbourne’s seven campuses: Parkville, Burnley and Creswick.

Parkville - main campus

Located just a few minutes from Melbourne's central business district, the Parkville Campus is the main campus of the University of Melbourne.

Most teaching and research in the Faculty of Science occurs here.

Map of Parkville Campus

Parkville Campus


Teaching and research in horticulture and landscape management takes place at the Burnley Campus.

Burnley is located around 5km east of the centre of Melbourne, and is set among heritage-listed gardens.

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Green roof plantings at the Burnley Campus


The Creswick Campus is home to the University's teaching and research in forest ecosystem science.

Located approximately 130km west of Melbourne, Creswick is set among gardens including an arboretum, and is close to native and plantation forests.

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Creswick Campus