Plan your BSc
Getting started

Congratulations – you've enrolled in the Bachelor of Science! What now? This page explains how you'll choose and enrol in your subjects for first year.

Welcome to the Bachelor of Science

A welcome message from Deborah King, Director of the Bachelor of Science.

Course planning: the basics

Learn everything you need to know about the structure of your BSc, what breadth is and how it fits into your degree. If you'd like to see what a course plan looks like in practice, download an example course plan.

My first year course plan
Breadth subjects

Check out your first year subject sets

The Bachelor of Science covers a lot of ground, so we have split it into nine subject sets. Depending on which ones you choose subjects from, you'll be able to keep a range of different majors open as you head into second year.

Which subjects do I need? Sample course plans

If you have any trouble reading or understanding these course plans, please contact Stop 1 for support.

As well as mentoring, advising and internship opportunities, there are a range of other ways to make the most of your time at university.

Student clubs and societies

Student clubs and societies are a great way to meet other students and to develop both socially and intellectually.

Overseas study

Overseas exchange is something that you can start planning from Day 1. Check out the guide to planning your exchange to see the range of subjects and partner institutions that are available for you to choose from.

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