Bachelor of Science course guide

Learn how to choose and enrol in subjects, and access resources to help you plan your course all the way from first year and beyond.

How the Bachelor of Science works

This video tells you everything you need to know about the structure of the Bachelor of Science and its first-year subject sets, including rules and recommendations for which subjects to pick to achieve your goals and ensure you are on track to graduate.

It also explains what breadth is and how it fits into your degree – find out more at Breadth subjects in the Bachelor of Science or access more course planning resources on the University's Current students website.

First-year course planning

First-year subject sets

The Bachelor of Science covers a lot of ground, so we have split it into nine subject sets. Depending on which ones you choose subjects from, you'll be able to keep a range of different majors open as you head into second year. We've also put together a table of all first-year subjects and the majors they'll help you achieve – download it below.

All first-year subject sets (PDF 1.6 MB)

Tools and resources

The University of Melbourne Handbook

The Handbook is the official source of course and subject information – in it you'll find the rules of the Bachelor of Science and information on subject timetables and prerequisites.

Visit the Handbook

My Course Planner

The online course planning tool helps you plan your subjects and majors for a Bachelor of Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design or Science degree.

Visit My Course Planner

Managing your enrolment

Explore this Canvas LMS (Learning Management System) module to learn everything you need to know about managing  enrolment into your subjects.

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Need course planning help?

If you're having any trouble, get in touch with Stop 1 for a course planning appointment or other support. Stop 1 can connect you with the full range of student services while studying at the University, and you're welcome to call, visit or chat online.

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